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   Mostly i write in Hindi and Urdu but i tried to write in English, I felt very happy and enjoyed to collaborating words and sentences making, 

Very happy to sharing this with you all and expecting i will get your words in comment box with honesty,

I know there is lot of mistakes and wrong words and sentences, I hope you readers will accept this poem with a lot of mistakes,

Will really appreciate if I'll get the suggestions and comments of my mistakes and if I should keep work on this things,

Here is given below a poem with my heart "Why Always Youngers Only?"

Gulsher Ahmad

Why Always Youngers Only?

I am student of a school, 

I always try to make me cool,

I am not perfect, 

But i always reflect,

Because of the peoples living surround me, I am not insulting who living around me,

I am learning with myself, Teachers.? 

Yes also with themselves,

I am not the topper of my class, 

But it not means that I'm underclass,

Everyday why the peoples judge me, 

I know that they don't know me,

Oh elders, please come, sit with me, 

Be like me, and think with me,

Yes, I'm not well experienced, 

But I'm not the piece of experiments,

I know you have very happy Life, 

But may be I'll not be that type,

Yes, I have heart as you have, 

But I'm not in your list of fab,

Why, because i want to make my own way, Then tell me why should i follow your way,

Yes you'll say., This is decorated, 

But why should i follow decorated,

I want to learn by experiences, 

I want make my own successes,

I don't want to hurt my elders, 

Because I know the duty of youngers,



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